EU Project information sheet

Individual contract information
Title of project Development of comprehensive rehabilitation system for support of persons with disabilities
EU contribution:

Co-financing :

189,412.95 EUR

25,122.05 EUR

Grant beneficiary Development Center Lapovo

Beogradska 1, 34220 Lapovo, Serbia

Tel: +381 (0)34 853 105; Fax: +381 (0)34 853 105

Contact person: Aleksandar Popović,

Web site:

Partners Lapovo Municipality, Republic of Serbia
Health Center Lapovo, Republic of Serbia
Target groups of this project Target groups:
● 30 persons with disabilities and their family members in the municipality of Lapovo
● 15 professionals from health and social- welfare systemFinal beneficiaries: Other people with disabilities, families of people with disabilities, professionals who deal with PwDs, residents of Lapovo
Implementation period 6 June 2017 – 5 June 2018
Geographical area of the project


Lapovo Municipality, Republic of Serbia
Project objectives


Overall objective: Contribution to improvement of social inclusion and poverty reduction among the persons with disabilities in Lapovo Municipality

Specific objectives:
• To Improve social health and professional status of PwDs through local community services ‘Integral rehabilitation centre for PwDs – ’’ in Lapovo Municipality

• To enhance the capacities and the role of local actor to provide integral community base services for PwDs

• Ensuring the sustainability of integrated local services through the development of local institutional mechanisms

Project activities


·         Preparatory activities for the establishment of the Integrated Rehabilitation Centre – establishment of project team, definition of criteria and selection of beneficiaries, furnishing premises for services, education of services providers

·         Realization of medical examinations, rehabilitation treatment, social education, organization of cultural and sports activities, organizing training within vocational rehabilitation

·         Conduction of seminars for members of the family

·         Development of the data-collection system, Conduction of seminars for representatives of LSG

·         Development of the action plan for the effective implementation of the portfolio of social services for people with disabilities, development of M’E system for research on the needs of persons with disabilities in municipality of Lapovo

·         Develop social policy strategy for municipality of Lapovo, Realized cost-benefit analyse for local social services for people with disabilities,

·         Media promotion, conference, public hearings, round table

Expected results


·         Established a Integral Rehabilitation center for PwDs in municipality of Lapovo

·         Provided social inclusion of PwDs, trough social, health and vocational rehabilitation

·         The involvement of family members in supporting more independent life and respecting rights of their PwDS

·         The capacities of local authorities municipality of Lapovo) to manage and monitor integral community based social services enhanced.

·         Improved quality of services intended PwDs through the establishment of institutional mechanisms, monitoring and evaluation

·         Secured sustainability of integrated local services through the development of institutional mechanisms that ensure resource optimisation

·         Local community sensitized to the problems of PwDs through promotional activities

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