Improving social welfare in the Republic of Serbia through amending and supplementing the law on social welfare and strategy of social welfare 2019-2025

The Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs held consultations dedicated to the amendments to the Law on Social Welfare with representatives of civil society organizations and experts working in the field of social protection. The support to the organization of this event was provided by the project Support to the development of regulatory mechanisms for social welfare financed by the European Union, and implemented by NIRAS consortium.

The aim of the meeting was to open a discussion on the challenges in the area of social welfare and solutions that should be covered by the announced amendments and supplements to the Law on Social Welfare, as well as the future Social Welfare Strategy, which has also recently begun.

The meeting highlighted the most important challenges in applying the existing legal framework in social protection, with particular reference to the Law on Social Welfare. Representatives of the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs pointed the main directions for future amendments, while representatives of civil society pointed out the priorities that should be included in the short-term in the amendments to the Law on Social Welfare, but also in the long-term Strategy for Social Welfare.

Special attention was paid to the issue of equity in the provision of social welfare services throughout Serbia, improvement of the deinstitutionalization process with a special emphasis on deinstitutionalization of adults, improvement of the system of material benefits, and strengthening of the system for supervision and coordination in the social welfare system.