Preparation for reporting process conducted with MoLEVSA and CFCU

The first year of the implementation of grant contracts financed under the EU IPA Grant Scheme “Development of Effective Community Services in the Area of Education and Social Welfare at the Local Level” is ending in June 2018.

Several projects will complete their implementation at this date but larger number will continue through the second year of implementation. Reporting process is always bringing new challenges toward the Grant Beneficiaries, Contracting Authority and Beneficiary Institution.

In order to successfully prepare for the review and assessment of the 30 reports including narrative and financial presentation of the work done as well as supporting documents proving the actual implementation of activities and eligibility of costs, the Technical Assistance Team has conducted 2-day event dedicated to preparation of the employees of the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs (MoLEVSA) IPA Unit and Central Financing and Contracting Unit of the Ministry of Finance (CFCU). The working assignment was conducted on 24 April and 8 May 2018 and included capacity building of the MoLEVSA and CFCU staff in the area of assessment and verification of reports by clarifying the procedures, deadlines, documentation to be used, etc.

Working sessions contributed to the development of the Reporting Guide document for Grant Beneficiaries and overall preparation for the upcoming workshop on reporting that is going to be organised on 30 and 31 May 2018 for the Grant Beneficiaries targeted by the technical assistance.

Training event no. 3 – Service contracts

Reporting Guide for GB