ReportingReceived inquiries regarding preparation of the Grant Contract Interim/Final Report.

No. General Conditions of the Tender Documentation are not obligatory annex document for submission with Interim/Final Report.

The format presented in the Reporting Guide serves only as example that do not have to be used in case of other formats created as in line with internal procedures of the Grant Beneficiary. The date of the document should present the actual date of forming of the Project Team (i.e. 5 June 2017).

One hard copy of the all financial documentation and 2 scan copies of the all financial documentation should be enclosed to the financial part of the Interim/Final Report as specified at the page no. 3 of the document in column titled: “Documentation to be submitted”.

The answer is no. Please note also, what is written in the General Conditions of the Grant Contract concerning the Indirect costs:
Indirect costs
14.7. The indirect costs for the Action are those eligible costs which may not be identified as specific costs directly linked to the implementation of the Action and may not be booked to it directly according to the conditions of eligibility in Article 14.1. However, they are incurred by the Beneficiary(ies) in connection with the eligible direct costs for the Action. They may not include ineligible costs as referred to in Article 14.9 or costs already declared under another costs item or heading of the budget of this Contract.

A fixed percentage of the total amount of direct eligible costs of the Action not exceeding the percentage laid down in Article 3 of the Special Conditions may be claimed to cover indirect costs for the Action. Flat-rate funding in respect of indirect costs does not need to be supported by accounting documents.

The answer is no. TA is not providing service of review and commenting of draft versions of reports. However, we will be involved in process of review and verification of the reports after your submission of reports to Contracting Authority.

Our advice is to include list of the PR and visibility activities in the text of the narrative report. In case links are available, please insert links as well. This was clearly explained at the workshop as well where the expert visually presented the possibility of insertion of the table with summary information. You should list all media and in case there is no link than you should write a note that hard copy is available for review and verification. As in line with the instruction provided at the page 16 of the Reporting Guide, the proof documents for project visibility have to be available on the spot for verification. Only printed promotional materials have to be sent with the report (i.e. leaflet, brochure).

First of all, please note that Meeting Minutes have to be available on the spot for verification. This instruction is provided on the page 15 – 16 of the Reporting guide. List of participants have to be enclosed to Meeting Minutes not to the report. In case, list of participants is closely linked with the costs (i.e. in case of larger meetings and training events where costs of refreshments and/or printed materials occurred etc., than it should be enclosed to financial documentation of the report).

In case the last day of the deadline is official non-working day, i.e. weekend or public holiday, the deadline for submission of the report is the next working day.