Workshop on Specifics of Service Contracts under the PRAG for Grant Beneficiaries

Within our activity of Technical Assistance in Guidance and Support to the Awarded Grant Actions, NIRAS team organized the workshop on Specifics of Service Contracts under the PRAG that took place on 1 – 2 February 2018 at training premises of NIRAS Office in Belgrade. Our Procurement and Monitoring Expert, Ms Kalina Marković Ilić facilitated the workshop.

The main topics were focused on secondary procurement procurement procedures under EU funded grant contracts: Basic characteristics of PRAG service contracts and overview of the procurement procedures, principles of good procurement and procurement stages and steps.

Participants of the workshop include representatives of grant beneficiary projects under this grant scheme. Due to a great interest, training was organized for two groups on 1st and 2nd February. In total, 52 persons took a part at the workshop.

Traning 2 – GB Procurement training